Region 1 closed today…… 3

Here are the snow predictions for today…

Our meteorologist Pat Pagano 1-2 inches north and 2-4 inches south and east
Channel 3 calls for  2-5 inches the higher amounts to the south and east
National Weather Service 1-3 inches possible
WVIT call for 2-4 inches statewide

This appears to be one wasted snow many snow days do we have this year in Region 1?




  1. As a former bus driver, I am in favor of erring on the side of caution. Driving a bus on some of the roads and hills around here with winter conditions can be dangerous. I did notice about 6 students, waiting for the bus, while on their cell phones. Apparently, this generation is not as tech savvy as they believe. My texts came in between 0515 and 0530 this morning.

  2. Sorry Paul, I don’t agree. This is not erring on the side of caution, it is an over reaction. I thought for sure there would be a delay because of “black ice”, but to cancel school over a forecast that calls for 1-3 inches of “fluffy, light” snow in-between 9 AM and 3 PM at 5 AM in the morning is over-reacting. I was in a Sharon school bus in 1969 that went off the road due to black ice..I know how scary it can be first hand. We have late openings and early dismissals for situations like this.

  3. point taken. Maybe the accident yesterday in Fairfield County, that sent 11 students and the driver to the hospital had something to do with it. No serious injuries.

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