Delores Perotti..Back To The Future? Change seems impossible for Dolores below the story from this mornings Republican American and see “back room-strong arm” politics in pratice, let’s hope the BOS in North Canaan does not cave and resume the mistakes of the past on the Region One BOE 6

With some confusion about who is being recom­mended to serve as the North Canaan alternate to the Region 1 Board of Education, the selectmen decided, after making a motion on one candidate, to take up the matter next month. The Republican Town Committee recommend­ed that Laurie Perotti, who has been in the posi­tion, continue on, so the selectmen approved the recommendation.

But a letter from Dolores Perotti, chairman of the North Canaan Elementary School Board of Education, put forth the name of Laura Freund, who had been the town’s representative to the board. She did not seek re-election this fall. In her letter Dolores Perotti said Freund would be the logical alternate since she has the experi­ence and is a good listener. “She has worked hard in a difficult public service position,” she said, adding that since a large percentage of the Region 1 vote belongs to Canaan, it makes sense to have someone knowledgeable sitting in at the meetings in member Edwin Gow’s absence.

Perotti said Laurie Perotti was agreeable to having Freund serve. “There is some confusion here,” said First Selectman Douglas Humes dur­ing a recent selectmen’s meeting. Humes said as far as he’s concerned, if Perotti is still interested, she should continue. He said Gow told the Republican Town Committee he could work with her.

Call and write Doug to tell him to stand his ground and  keep Laurie as the choice…all over the region, including North Canaan it was obvious that “the status quo is no longer acceptable”. And Laura Fruend is more of the same, stale thinking that led the Region One Board to where it wound up before the election. 

As a matter of fact, Mrs. Perotti puts her own position as the ABC Chair in jeopardy with this knee-jerk reaction to the elections. The people have spoken in the elections Mrs. Perotti…it’s NOT YOUR CHOICE.

Here are Doug’s numbers, please get as many people as you can from North Canaan to call Doug and tell him not to revert back to what was just rejected by voters

860-824-7313 office
860-824-0141 home


  1. If what is quoted here is accurate, I’m really surprised that Mrs. Perotti isn’t aware that Salisbury has the largest weighted vote on the Region #1 Board of Education, not North Canaan. That aside, Ms Freund if I remember, never even showed up at the North Canaan Democratic Town Committee’s caucus when folks were selected to run for various positions including the Region #1 Board of Education position. That certainly tells you something! As a taxpayer in North Canaan I think someone else should be given the opportunity to responsibly represent North Canaan in the the alternate position for this Board!

    • North Cannan does have a “Large” (not the “largest”) share of the weighted vote. And i will bet Dolores Perotti can tell you the exact numbers …..RESPECT for each other please!!!
      The Reg one Alternate: A gesture to honor and respect Mrs. Freund for her many YEARS of dedication and service. has been blown-way out of portion.

      In my opinion ,The North Cannan Board of Education and Dolores Perotti only wish to work cohesively and diligently for the best possible education of our students.
      I have lobbied for the position.
      I truly hope we can find respect for each other’s voices and positions.

      Happy Holidays,
      Laurie Perotti

      • Laurie, I commend you on lobbing for the position, and while we do not always agree, the Board needs new faces like yours. A nice gesture from the North Canaan Board, North Canaan Chair and former Board Chair of Region One, would have been to thank Laura for her years of service at the final Region 1 Board meeting. And a nice community party held by The North Canaan Board Of Education in her honor would also have been fitting to thank her and recognize her years of service.

  2. to the editor, I was hoping the Anonymous person would call me, not you give me the name. I was just looking for the opportunity to talk to this person. I am in the phone book, Thanks! Dolores

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