Headline: Dolores Perotti and Marshall Miles AGREE!!!! 8

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During my campaign for Salisbury Representative for the Region One Board almost two years ago an idea I floated was due to declining student population at H.V.R.H.S. that 7 and 8th grade students be moved to the Housatonic  campus. I stated that it would help fill the high school that was half empty, and, more importantly get students used to the campus, and interacting with students with other towns, thus increasing the chance that they would like to stay where they are comfortable…REGION ONE. Well, it looks like Delores and I agree! Life is always not black and white, that is what makes it interesting….

Region 1 to query about system’s structure



FALLS VILLAGE — The Region 1 All Board Chairmen Committee plans to poll residents of the district’s six towns on whether the structure of the school system should be changed.

The committee, which comprises the chairmen of the school boards in Canaan, Cornwall, Falls Village, Kent, Salisbury and Sharon, agreed last week to seek residents’ views on declining enrollment and increased costs. Region 1’s structure is unique; it is made up of six local K-8 elementary schools, each with its own board of education, and a regional board for central administration and Housatonic Valley Regional High School.

Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain said the Region 1 board raised the topic to seek greater efficiencies and consider different structures. She said it would be a long process because any alterations would require legislative action.

Chamberlain said the boards must first determine what they want to accomplish, and that the goals would probably include more than saving money. Among the options are the creation of a middle school and the consolidation of some schools.

Dolores Perotti of Canaan said her board has discussed the matter and some think that moving seventh-and eighth-graders to the high school may help retain students when they reach high school age. The region is challenged by a large number of students who attend private high schools.

But Jennifer Weigel of Salisbury, representing the Region 1 board, questioned whether it would be wise to have younger children taking longer bus rides. “The other issue is that eighth-graders serve as mature role models at the elementary schools,” she said.


  1. In lite of the per pupil cost in the region and trying to contain it ,someone or a group need to seriously think outside the box so to speak and this is one idea that would save a lot of money for every town

  2. The realities of a Housatonic Valley Regional High School (and any High School for that matter) include an increased exposure to alcohol and drugs. Before 7th and 8th graders are brought closer to such an environment, this issue would need to be addressed.

  3. This plan to inflate the enrollment of the high school would also result in a 20 to 30 recent drop in the populations of the elementary schools. Paul acquires wealth while Peter gains new problems.

    • Not so…you have slightly lower teacher to pupil ratios, the elementary schools truly integrate regionally…remember, every idea is just a starting point…I am sure there are lots of options that have not even been thought about yet!

  4. dear anonymous if you think that 7&8 graders are not exposed to drugs in the elementary schools ten you should pull your head out the sand

  5. The ABC group’s suggestion for elementary Middle Schoolers to move to the high school to boost that buildings enrollment was put forward with the explanation that such a move would slow down a prep school exodus. At earlier meetings this group and their agent John Mauer, labeled these students “insignificant.” This would be a drastic move to hopefully retain an, “insignificant,” group. Such a move might start a 7th and 8th grade exodus to the Rumsey Halls and IMSs of our area.

    • I came up with that suggestion almost two years ago…and I repeat, suggestion! We need many ideas and input from the public on this. The A.B.C and board are WAY behind schedule on this as far as I am concerned (way to busy buying out..oh, excuse me “retiring” one administrator, while a year early buying out a central office employee in an out of court settlement…both to the tune of around $400,000.00). We need ideas and open public discussion…not behind the scene meetings..and we need them NOW.

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