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  1. This budget maintains and supports one of the best Agricultural programs in our state. This budget continues to promote and expand a superb humanities level of programming. This budget devotes a gigantic increase in the funding of a growing Special Education department.
    This budget and board continues to neglect what Housatonic has labeled a, “CP,” level of education. CP I believe stands for college placement. Fewer than 50% of these students go on to college. Graduation rates in post-secondary education for these students is poor. While the $26,000 per pupil number is often thrown around, it does not reflect spending on these students. Per student spending on Ag students surpasses a $30,000 mark. Special Ed exceeds $35,000. And the Humanities improvements result in much greater than average spending devoted to these students. Fewer and fewer of our high school’s resources and attention are focused on the largest of these academic subsets- “College Placement,” students.

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