Where are the transcripts for last years Seniors at Housatonic? Powerschool failure or administration failure? 3

Where are the transcripts for last years Seniors at Housatonic?

Once again yesterday, three emails to regiononereport.com telling us that they are awaiting transcripts from the high school. Can this really be possible? These documents are one of the most important for graduates, not to have them three months after graduation is shameful. Who is responsible? What is the problem? Is it Powerschool or is the the lack of leadership in the administration?

Can anyone enlightendownload (1) us?


  1. It’s probably the reason the principal left. He knew he was up the creek without a paddle. He probably took the first job he could before he went down in infamy and hundreds of thousands, if not millions in lawsuits resulted.

  2. Anonymous (from 8:34 PM on 9/13) could not be more correct. The principal pushed PowerSchool on the community without for a moment considering the challenges its implementation might pose, simply because it had been in place at other schools he’d worked in. Leadership involves more than peering over the fence at what your neighbor is doing. He also misled the board (and public) by claiming the faculty supported the shift to PS. As with every major decision made during his brief stint, they were never consulted.

    He was prepared to do the same with the iPad initiative, until members of the community-who are to be commended-demanded to see an implementation plan. The board chairman, and the author a less reputable blog, have maintained that teachers at the high school are simply not willing to change the way they do things. They could not be more out of touch with the discussions happening among tech-minded teachers, administrators, and staff members throughout the building.

    The former principal did not recognize that reporting student grades and GPA’s in an accurate and timely manner is a vital obligation. And to date, no one has stepped up to fix what he left broken. Parents and students deserve better and should demand it!

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