It’s about time someone reminded some board of education members on who sets town budgets…. Reply

A reminder to boards of education….at least make it look like you know taxpayers exist……

From today’s Republican American

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$25,000 cut in school budget ordered

KENT — The Board of Finance on Tuesday night asked the Board of Education to go back and cut $25,000 from its 2015-16 budget plan after the education board failed to provide any information about where it might make reductions.
The Board of Selectmen was told it would not have to make $25,000 in cuts that it had outlined in its budget.
The education board tried to make the argument that it already had reduced its budget before approving the draft and submitting it to the finance board. Chairman Paul Cortese said his board’s budget was “put together responsibly.”
But Finance board member Mark Sebetic said the request was made to find a way to minimize the tax increase and had nothing to do with thinking the Board of Education was irresponsible in its budget making. Cortese said his board “had no appetite” for offering a list of where cuts could be made.”I, for one, am disappointed that is the board’s attitude,” Sebetic told him.
When Cortese said he wanted to take the education budget to the town as presented, Sebetic pointed out that it was the Board of Finance’s responsibility to present the budget to the town.

The Board of Finance originally had asked the education board to come up with $100,000 in possible reductions to the budget. It also asked the Board of Selectmen for $200,000. The selectmen originally came up with $154,000 on April 13, but then revised the list Tuesday to $137,751.

The Board of Education has schedule a special meeting today at 6:30 p.m.

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