Another appointment…did board of education members get told about this one in advance?! 1

Liam O’Rielly has been appointed  interim Assistant Principal as Interim Principal Ian Strever picked his assistant as he requested at the special Region One Board of Education Meeting last week.


As in a post by Pat  Mechare on the question is, once again did the board of education find out about this on-line (as they did with the A.D.Silhouette-question-mark), or were they told in advance?

Well board members (we know you read the report! ), were you informed in advance, or did you find out on-line like you did on the A.D.?

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  1. No, of course the members of the Region 1 Board of Ed were not told about the appointment of Liam O’Reilly as interim assistant principal.

    What the public needs to know is that the Region 1 School District is now under almost complete control of a RULING JUNTA (“A group of persons that have taken control over a country [or board] using military force [or subterfuge]. Always dictatorial mostly fascist.”) that includes the so-called “representative” from Kent, the superintendent, the mystery man in the graphic above who attends the meetings-before-the-meetings (see and one who shall remain nameless.

    This undermining of the board’s authority to act, this decision-making behind closed doors, this doing of the public’s business in secrecy with a total lack of transparency but with the blind support of the board majority — the representatives from Cornwall, North Canaan, and sometimes Salisbury — will not end until new board members are elected in November. As Craig Toensing said, “These are the folks that got us into this mess, it would be naive to think they have the ability to get us out.”
    It’s only two months until November — only two months until new members from Salisbury, North Canaan, Cornwall and Falls Village (and I can guarantee we’ll have a good rep from Falls Village!) are seated. I’ll be voting no at the next referendum in September and, hopefully, one more no after that at a referendum in October. Then we can welcome some new faces, new ideas, new energies who will start focusing on the students and teachers, who will listen to the public that pays the very steep education and gets a bucket of . . .disrespect in return — and take back our board and our high school from the nightmare of the last four years.
    ~~ Gale Courey Toensing

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