1. People, PLEASE follow forward with what you have said. Communications, Communications, Communications. Replays , answers, will this school forward by leaps and bounds. Good Luck with your logical solution to a better atmosphere. Pat, you are nailing on the head with a 10 pound sledge. It’s a solution, perhaps it should be said, THE SOLUTION.

  2. How can an entire, “communications,” meeting go by without mention of a price tag on that infamous Ann Baldwin Production video?

  3. The first step this sub-committee should take is to define their working definition of the term,”comunication.” Pam and Bob seem to define it as, “lying to and or deceiving the public with impunity.”

  4. BOB IS THE BEATER AROUND THE BUSH!!! Just plain obnoxious. Pam, you have made pubic your good intent to call back on problems, and that is a good start to resolve. All the beating around the bush is just covering up what Bob doesn’t want to do because he does know how, nor what to put that in his job description. Don’t make joke of something some people want to avoid. Pam,,,,,,you offered a solution to Pats questions. Do not procrastinate. Just do it!!!! The many problems raising at the school system in general at the high school has been put forward, Pam you offered. Bob your avoiding. Pam ,,,this time take the darn ball and run with it and DO IT. No more excuses, you now have the problem solved if you want it solved. if you want it solved!!!! THANK YOU PAT. YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!! YOU ARE RIGHT AND DON’T LET ANYONE SAY DIFFERENT.!!!

  5. Was the Tommy Guskey forum an attempt to improve communication? Central Office stacked the crowd with pro-Central Office Region One employees. Of the roughly 50 or so in attendance, only 10 were actual members of the private sector public. 80% of audience were plants from the Region One payroll. Many of whom were receiving extra compensation for their attendance. The question and answer period was cut shot and the questions that were asked were softballs hand picked by Ms. Carter. She stated that all questions would be answered and put up on a regional website. This will not happen. This never happens. I believe that this repeated ignoring of the stakeholders is the reason for the consistently low public turnout. Central Office and the BOE proudly proclaim these events to be an altruistic, good faith reaching out to the public. The public has come to see them as an insult to their intelligence. How will this attempt at communication improve the education of our students? It will not. What was the financial cost of this charade? We will not be told. Tommy Guskey is now a much wealthier man, and our region and its students are left paying the bill.

  6. Follow the money. Not since Watergate has such an egregious coverup been perpetrated on the public. Revision Learning, Ann Baldwin, Tom Guskey, behind the doors book deals …. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been funneled away from students in the name of promoting education. This public money has done nothing but line the pockets of FOP. (Friends of Pam.) At least Nixon’s money came from private contributions. Region One has undertaken a campaign of secretly funding these private organizations with public grant money (tax dollars) and our Regional Budget (more tax dollars). And it seems that the Regional pettifogger on retainer, Mr. Mooney, is hard at work perpetuating this financial coverup. Follow the money.

  7. Is Guskey’s home state of Kentucky a red state or a blue state? I forget.
    As I understand it, he garners a higher speaking fee on the lecture circuit than I.

  8. Whatever Guskey was paid for his services it was a fleecing of the highest order. You want highlights? You got ’em.

    1. To emphasize the importance of letting students practice a skill before assessing their performance, the Guskmaster points out that medical students first perform surgery on cadavers. That, of course, is not surgery. It’s dissection. Nonetheless, an audience of seals clap rapturously.

    2. G-dog repeatedly uses the term ‘crazy’ as a pejorative. You know, because he’s down with sensitivity where mental health is concerned.

    3. Tommy G makes repeated comments about former female students who were impeccably dressed, but makes no mention of other qualities or characteristics they possess. One gets the sense that Guskey views life as a series of Jennifers just waiting to be conquered during office hours.

    4. Pro-tip: any mention of “secret Argentinian relationships” is code for Nazi affiliation. We’re on to you, bro.

    5. Jokes about domestic violence are not jokes. They are the focus of a Netflix true crime series. Binge watch if you wish.

    6. Maya Angelou and Einstein could care less about your bull**it mock report cards. It’s unlikely they would be teachers at Thomas Guskey High School.

    7. According to Grandmaster Guskey, the problem with traditional grading is that it leaves room for teacher subjectivity. At the same time, the advantage of Guskey-style grading is that teachers can exercise their professional judgment and raise a student’s grade even if they do not demonstrate mastery on an assessment. This is also known as teacher subjectivity.

    8. Hey, dude. Most of your slides were comprised of Google images that did not credit the source. In many circles we call that theft of intellectual property. Or plagiarism.

    9. Special thanks to Steve Schibi, whose tweets suggest he cannot distinguish between Lisa Carter and Tom Guskey.

    10. Plastic surgery: know when to say when.

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