Interesting trend in the vote numbers last year to this year 1

Last year the budget passed by a total of 360 votes. This year the budget passed by only 197 votes.

Yes votes LOST 107 votes from last year and the NO votes GAINED 56 vote from last year…..

Has the A.B.C arrogance started to created a rift? Only time will tell.

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  1. Folks should remember that there was no organized movement to defeat this budget and get the “no” vote out. It certainly doesn’t mean that the general public thinks that everything is “hunk-dory”, as my mother used to say. It is interesting to note the very close vote in Sharon. It certainly does not inspire confidence in the “hometown girl”. People really ought to pay attention to what is going on here on a day-to day basis in terms of educational leadership – not pretty. I’ve never seen the highest paid public employee in all of Region #1, including local town officials, so shamelessly promote himself/herself as the best thing since sliced bread as our superintendent did at the last ABC Committee meeting. After I watched that on CATV I just shook my head. No other superintendent of schools in my memory, which goes back to the mid-50’s, felt the necessity to do such a thing. They were willingly to let their job performance speak for itself because he/she was confident in that performance. That she feels she has to convince, is more than a little telling! That local board members buy it is incredulous!

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