Why is there an All Boards Chairmen Committee when they hardly EVER meet? Reply

5/24/2017 ABC Meeting CANCELLED

4/26/2017 ABC Committee Meeting CANCELLED

3/6/2017  Joint Meeting between ABC Committee and REG 1 BOE:  Meeting Held

2/22/2017 ABC Committee Meeting CANCELLED

1/25/2017 ABC Committee Meeting CANCELLED

The A.B.C. fought long and hard to wrestle away control of the superintendent from the Region One Board Of Education..spending way to much time in the process and way to much money only to then, this school year, cancel four out of five meetings!

The only meeting so far this year was a joint meeting with the Region One BOE! What could they have possibly talked about when the rest of this year they never even met!

This is disgraceful, why run for the board of education, then become chairmen of the local board, and then continually NOT SHOW UP FOR ANY MEETINGS?

As the old saying goes, “is this anyway to run a railroad?”

So now, the superintendent has NO OVERSIGHT from a group of people who wanted oversight. So let me remind the A.B.C. what the meaning of OVERSIGHT is:

noun: the action of overseeing something.
With what has been going on with the administration of Region One, it is no wonder the administration does what they want, when they want…..there is no oversight of the superintendent by the A.B.C.
Please save us time and money….if you can not fulfill your required tasks then resign and let people who will commit to do ALL the aspect s of the job. Thank you for volunteering, but you volunteered to do the whole job..and not skip out on one of the most important aspects of your job. Overseeing the administration of Region One.
A.B.C. members..get it together, or get off the board and let people who will commit the time and energy to do all of the job.

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