Ha! What a surprise this is…. 10/25/2017 ABC Meeting CANCELLED 2

Ha! What a surprise this is…. 10/25/2017 ABC Meeting CANCELLED .. (this committee that wrestled power away from the Region One BOE meets only about 20% of the time now over the past year and a half…what a sad joke (on the taxpayers))
Tina Bunce
9:18 AM (2 minutes ago)
to Catherine, Andrea, David, Douglas, Karen, Martin, Patricia, Pam, Lisa, Linda, Darlene, Vera, Jean, Mary, Patty, John, me, Patrick, Ruth, Gale, Kathy, Susan, Mary, Marjorie, Annie
Good morning ABC Committee,
Your meeting for Wednesday, October 25th, has been CANCELLED. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 15th.


  1. Hi, Marshall. I had sent an email to you -about a month ago- asking if you would like to be a part of our new School Community Partnership, but hadn’t yet heard from you. I hope you will consider this. Pam Vogel

    • When Region One’s administration becomes transparent in it’s practices it would be an honor. But right now with the ABC cancelling 75% of their meetings, with the talk of “meetings before meetings”, with the talk of Region One holding forums for potential candidates to school boards, it makes it impossible for me to be a part of isolating the community at large. Moving the BOE meetings to a smaller space is just one small example of potentially excluding the public at large. Pam, when you backed out on your WORD, your personal agreement with me, to video the meetings last year set a tone that I told you I would not accept. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Open up, be more forthcoming, be honest, be transparent and I would consider getting involved.

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