1. This meeting seems to be a very productive and advanceing meeting to the future of the schools Maintenance department. Facility Manager from the outside non Union is another big step to the correctness of that departments problems. Whatever the percentage of increase for salary I believe will be made up in the production of work that will increase from were it is now. And if this person is to oversee the other schools also,,,,yes there is couple that also need to be straightened out, and put into order. Much time is in my mind stolen from the tax payer by being off site during woking hours in another school also. The Superintendent is headed in the right direction and listening to the board with also the right ideas. At last progress at the foundation to a better school, or should I saw schools. I am sure you will see at least a 60 % improvement in the high school alone,,,,and at least a 20% improvement in a couple other schools. That productivity will pay for itself . OH thank God someone is finally listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Were not all of these responsibilities the responsibility of the old head custodian?
    Does this Board assume this move will prevent our $5 million gym roof from leaking?
    The throwing of more tax dollars at a problem is not the answer.

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