A Tree Won’t Grow In Falls Village 1

The Region 1 Board of Education will not plant a tree in honor of former Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain. During a meeting Monday, Cornwall member John Sanders said the Landscape and Arboretum Committee, which oversees the campus tree plantings, would rather not have any honorific trees because it would open the floodgates for approving all requests. The board voted last fall to plant a tree following a request from Phil Hart, a former Cornwall Board of Education representative. collegehumor.ef880dffcdf2d7a0519f61677b774642

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  1. Perhaps, next time instead of being brow beaten by someone, in this case, Phil Hart to spend unnecessary and unbudgeted money the Region One Board will have the foresight and common sense to inquire if what they approved is even possible. Further, one would think that the individual was already “honored” when the Board set precedent. In spite of the fact that her contract language didn’t require it, the Board gifted taxpayers’ money by giving her a severance pay of 15% of her salary. That 15% amounted to almost $25,000. Further, it should be noted that in order for teacher to earn that severance, which by the way IS language that is included in his/her contract, you must work 20 years in that district. Her district was Regional School District No. One and she didn’t work 20 years for that district. The Board counted her time in the district of Sharon, which is a different district, again setting precedent by fudging the set formula. In addition, the Board in its infinite wisdom also gave her health insurance, the majority of which is paid for by you, the taxpayer, until she is Medicare eligible. That amounted to almost another $25,000. Another perk that was not included in her contract language. Given the Arboretum Committee’s stance, the Board should do the right thing and withdraw the motion made at an earlier meeting and put an end to this folly!

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