Interesting….did you receive one of these? 1

Some people  are mentioning that when they choose option 2, and then click submit, that the attempt to submit is rejected. And a survey that skips number 3 and goes directly to number 4…..?

If you feel uncomfortable about the survey, call the school and ask questions, get answers and then let them know if you are going to fill the form out or not.

Click on this link to see form

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  1. This form is troublesome. I assume that it is required by the feds at Homeland Security. I think a request to the administration is in order to explain from where this form came and why it has become a requirement for student records. I’m certain that the administration is followiong some directive from the state or federal government, but I surely would like to know its origin and why it must be completed. And if there are problems with completing the form a certain way, it would be helpful to know why that is happening. I would hate to think that there is a built-in error reading to force completion of certain questions on the form that one has been told that they are allowed an opt-out selection.

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