Think students don’t care…think again, here are three posts from H.V.R.H.S students over the past week…. 5

The concerned Housy students comments over the past week…


1) What happened to Dr. Foster and Dr. Buchanan won’t happen to Mr. Harnett and Mr. Striever, they are very strong, brilliant people who are great for Housy. They connect with the students and they have the interest of the students at heart, not the politics. I will say however, that what did happen to Dr. Foster and Dr. Buchanan is still happening to teachers within the building and even to students. This needs to stop. I am a concerned student at Housy and the politics need to stop. This is an educational system for the STUDENTS, not for power hungry “teachers” who only care about themselves and their so called authority. Trust me, the students have noticed what actually goes on within the Housy walls and we are tired of it. Its such a shame that just those few faculty members within the building have given our school such a negative reputation. I do not represent any particular group or organization, I am just a concerned student who thinks that thsese political games within Housy and Region One need to stop.


2) I am also an upperclassman at Housy and I completely agree with the statement about the political nonsense at Housatonic Valley Regional High School. Many things in the “great” Northwest Corner are kept in closets because almost everyone is afraid to talk about them. The problems here in regards to the department chairs is something that needs to be adressed. Obviously since they are deeply rooted in the walls here at HVRHS it would be an interesting process to say the least. However for the future of the school’s students this issue needs to be tackled head on. Many teachers here feel that from the moment we walk in, we owe them something. Please let it be known that schools in general are for the students and teachers just work at them.

3) ImageAs well as the two above responses, I am also an upperclassmen at Housy. I completely agree with the above statements. The political nonsense and political games that go on within that school are ridiculous. The students are paying attention to it and we have had enough. It is not fair to the teachers who actually do care about the students and it certainly isn’t fair to the students. Teachers should be teachers so they can have a positive impact on students and their lives. They should be preparing us for the future, and most of the teachers at Housy are great and they truly do care about the students but those few teachers who care just about their power trips make the students not like Housy that much at all. It is a shame that the few teachers who don’t seem to care about the students are the ones who have a lot of “authority” within the school. The fact that they are focusing more on politics than actual education is a complete disgrace towards the entire educational profession and community and they should be deeply ashamed of themselves for acting like immature little children. Housy belongs to us the students, the teachers are there to teach US, not belittle us like those few teachers have been to not only us but other teachers in the building as well. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of the teachers at Housy are great and they want nothing to do with the politics that have consumed our school. In fact, there are even teachers at Housy who care enough to try and fight the politics at the school and I am very appreciative of those teachers, but those teachers also get bullied and shut down by those teachers who simply don’t care about doing the right thing for the school and for the students. This issue needs to be brought more to the public, because maybe then, this problem will finally be fixed.


  1. Bravo, Housy students, for speaking “truth to power.” Not an easy thing to do — I applaud you for your courage and hope and pray it will sustain you throughout your lives.
    All good wishes,
    Gale Courey Toensing

    • Gale, thank you so much. I was wondering if you could mention at Monday’s Region One Board of Education meeting, that a lot of us students are fed up with the politics at our school and we want those certain few teachers to care and teach instead of bully and belittle their students and fellow teachers. We think it is quite immature and unprofessional and that if they feel that they shouldn’t change then they are simply in the wrong job and should strongly consider quitting and find a new one. If you could mention all if not some of this at the BOE meeting on the 7th of May (next Monday) then that would be great. Let it be known also that there are students who plan to vote NO to the budget next week.
      Thank you so much.

    • Housatonic has awesome, courageous, truthful, intelligent students who understand the true meaning of the word ethical. We can not stand for this any longer. As adults we have let the students down. Zero tolerance policy is needed. We need more board members like Mrs. Toensing who cares and will not stop until she reaches the truth. Fix what is broken. Let people speak. They have constitutional rights!!!!!!!!!!! Stop trying to keep everything hidden.

  2. This is what happens when the administration and the majority of the Board refuse to address the issues. How can this keep going on. Please protect the students.

  3. Students; your writings, and expressions are very well orchestrated. You tell they are from the heart. You sound like me in many of the problems and changes I have seen thru my work jobs. I know just about all your teachers. As I have said before and always will, they are Paramount in their fields. What is going on is something I would have trouble with, I was a slow learner. What I have learned whether, in the service having a Captain of the ship, or working for at the time, the largest employer in the country, a CEO.. Whatever the decision it is handed down thru the ranks and must be carried out by all. Hate or love it,,it must be done. Time will tell, numbers will be calculated, failures and winners diagnosed. What would hurt anything is upper ranks spelling out their dismay to they undergraduates. I personally would say some of the teachers are better off saying their opinions amongst themselves and gathering figures to oppose the situation. The students should not be caught in the middle. You will not like this but one statement you will not like at all, but the school is not yours. Take a minute to see this one clearly. Why is the school there? For you to learn for your future. Who pays for the doors to be open and the teachers salaries? Your parents and EVEN taxpayers who don’t have children, or even in the district, because they own property here. It is your school to attend and you represent it in activities, sports, as students, and even when outside of the school. You sound just like me when I couldn’t handle change, many times after giving change a chance, I would say to myself,,,Dang,,it is easier, and faster, and I’m more productive. Boy that was a tuff learning curve!!!! Believe me this will come to pass for your lower class men next year when they know expediency’s. Seniors, ya you will have a harder time,,but you can help those that follow by teaching them do as told to do, believe what your doing is the best that you can do, and if you can do better another way that others also say they could then approach it in a manner as your will written letters. Organize, collaborate, propose a statement to the board, and realize, they will listen, they will get back to you, and they also may say at this time we can’t change the goals and procedures at this time. I’ve heard it before, and I have to tell myself; they heard me, and they got back to me. Hey,, their the ones with the degrees, they must know better. And,,,,,,,,,,,remember this, your going on to college, your preparing to be a leader. You will be in the same position someday. What will you do? Can’t tell till you been there and had all the problems in your hands. Good Letters,,,do it right,,hope it all shows in the end to be the best. Good Luck!!!

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