Jonathan Moore (Board Chair) of Kent Now resorts To SCARE TACTICS 4 has learned that Jonathan Moore (Board Chair) of Kent sent copies of the budget to Kent officials and said that if the budget doesn’t pass this time it will start affecting kids. THIS IS A SCARE TACTIC of the WORST kind. Business Manager of Region One, Sam Herrick has said repeatedly that the Region One School District will use the previous years budget if no new budget is approved. The system will continue to operate20130529_175353 as it did the year before. Pass the word, scare tactics will not work.


  1. Word must travel quickly, as I had heard about this, too. It would be a novel concept if he and others on the Region #1 Board and some of their supporters managed to impart truthful information. I surely hope that one of those Kent officials who received this misinformation will respond to him with the facts!

  2. Does he not understand that this budget nonsense has already had a major impact on the students? Does he not understand that cutting four teachers who made significant connections with the majority of the student body has negatively impacted morale at the high school? The kids know what is going on, and it has set the tone for the 2013-2014 school year. Sadly, the damage has already been done.

  3. Although I would like to disagree with the post directly above this, I can’t. Half a dozen graduating seniors have offered the very same assessment to me in the last ten or so days. What a shame!

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