1. If those of us who ask questions are the, “disgruntled minority,” the “trouble makers,” and the, “outliers,” …. Are those in control the, “in liars”?

  2. This guy on the phone???? Is he from the Windy city of Chicago? Are people ready to be called Liars by name? Is there a statement there being said about Character ? He must be from the windy city of politician’s, looking to keep his services and retainers fee….. I always thought to be be sure of yourself and hopefully not to make a mistake in ones character was to say. Perhaps they are mistaken and not seeing it right, OR INTERPRETING IT WRONG. Makes you wonder what goes on behind close doors at meetings???? I have been in meetings with company’s and those and worst things are said……But it was never recorded. What does this guy have to loose? He doesn’t walk down the streets here or pay taxes here. He doesn’t have to look anyone in the face. He isn’t anyone’s neighbor. Really surprised to hear a Lawyer (if that is who it was) outwardly call people liars. That school is suppose to be a learning Institute. Playground talk at a adult level…What is wrong with just getting on with DOING THINGS RIGHT????? DAVE B..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I THINK YOU GOT YOUR ANSWER. THIS GUY IS EMPOWERING THEM and steering them. My INTERPRETATION.
    Put ALL things aside, ALL defferances, What is the number of students NYP at chrunch time (now). Is it working or not? Back to the students. That is the center of attention. Go from there. WHAT IS THE SCHOOL THERE FOR? THE STUDENTS. IF IT IS WORKING, I guess like the saying goes; it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it isn’t working, FIX IT!!!!!!!

  3. A very interesting read. Google; “What does a school board do go down to about the 4th article . what does a school board do in Ct, it should direct you to ink.niche.com/school-board. You decide.

  4. The ABC chairman has no interest what so ever in the high school. He has no intention of subjecting his children to the turmoil of Housatonic Valley Regional High School. Salisbury’s board focuses on ensuring that the prep school bound students are adequately tracked and segregated from the general population. Trust funds will be dipped into and tuitions paid as they mock the unwashed masses (read concerned stakeholders) and the secondary education others are forced to endure.

  5. I know 2 teachers, 1 person that works on the machines that makes the chips for computers, 1 wife of a teacher, that have all lived in China. They don’t know the others and how funny it is they all say the same thing. The slow students,,,,they do not have time for them. Let them go, they will be floor sweepers, cashiers . Most people there will have one job all their life and that is were they stay. They do NOT care about those. Sound familiar? Guess were they get that from??? Anyone out there know someone that just LOVES the Chinese?

  6. Which of the line items in our budget (or is this money secretly taken from multiple line items?) is paying for this lawyer? Is he billing us hourly? Is he on retainer? Are we paying him in accordance with each demeaning comment?

  7. Thomas Mooney- “Lawyer of the Year” 2018 – Goodwin and Shipman, with an office right behind the Lakeville Post Office. Stop on in and introduce yourself as one of Tom’s troublemakers.
    Please vote “NO” on May 8th.

  8. Pettifogger,,,,,,,SHIFTY LAWYER… HE CALLS HIMSELF. Stop in,,,,,,,Ummmm sounds like a bait, keep on fishing.

  9. Funny how he advises the new Fairfield District — and trying to get details of Dr. Roy’s (your new principal) evaluation has been nearly impossible. You might want to petition to have him removed for providing anti-transparency advice.

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