1. Just for Ha-Ha’s; What would the coast be to incorporate a middle school into the high school, close down either Cornwall or Kellogg bus the elementary students to one or the other school. So what do you do with the empty school? Move the Supernatants Office into the empty school. Big cost at first, but,,now you have all the 7&8 graders eligible for ALL Sports and Activities at one location……What school is declining the most,,,is it worth keeping open as long as the education and activities and transportation is reasonable? The tax payers and students have one heck a problem here. Someone out there needs to throw the jig-saw puzzle up in the air and make a better picture (future ) of education with sports come together. This isn’t just a now thing,,it’s what lays down the road. Maybe 7&8 graders in Kellogg for a middle school? Does Kellogg have a Gym? Maybe up on that screen should be the NUMBERS for all proposals. Maybe someone should have said, do I have a motion the the Public and the coaches have voted on the hand raising , and then, do a have a second the motion. We have spoken, let the record show the the majority has spoken, FOR the new planned program.

    • When the public understands that they (the public) weren’t properly informed that the after-school sports and activities program shouldn’t have been an issue, I suspect there will be some amount of ire, as there should be. This program could have moved forward cooperatively in whatever manner was agreed upon among the six elementary school districts or even among those who wanted to participate, as provided by statute, without involving the Regional School Services Center budget or the Regional School District Number One Board of Education. Hopefully, that can still be arranged. There was no need at all to involve the Regional School District No. One Board of Education in this matter for funding through the RSSC budget. If you have followed this, you will know that the six elementary schools boards of education were TOLD by the superintendent that the program would be a part of shared services (RSSC), despite the fact that, when asked, she could not provide one justification, for an elementary after school sports and activities program being properly included RSSC budget, instead of in each school’s local budget.

      As far as some of “Elniffe’s” comments go, it’s quite a stretch for him/her to think that other towns have control over an individual school district other than his/her own. Sort of insulting if you ask me. And BTW both Cornwall and Kellogg have gyms with Cornwall’s being pretty fantastic.

  2. Another thought. As one gentleman said; “Sooner or after, there WILL be a middle school here.” Does it cost less now to find a way to do it, OR, WILL it cost more to do it later? What is later? 3 years…5years?? Pay me now, or, pay me later. Later is always Mooore.

  3. Make Cornwall a middle school then and bus the elementary students to Sharon, or Kellogg. Cornwall only 5 – 6 miles down the road from the High School. Something has to give, Sports vs Education nope,,,,Sports is part of Education. Really sounds like a dwindling population in a wide spread area that needs to tighten the radius to the center.

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