Steve Hurley Non-Renewal Hearing Reply

Wow, it was a long day into night 3 PM till 9:30 PM for part 1! Steve o the stand for about 5 hours. This is a unique opportunity to see the inner-workings of a high school. The next session is Tuesday June 26 starting at 9 AM. I hope more of the public will show up. The video will be posted on the YouTube page later on today, and be scheduled on CATV 6 by Friday…it’s over 5 1/2 hours long!!!

What? Pressure from a High School Department Head to other teachers telling them NOT to go to the Hurley Hearings today… 2

Several reports from people at Housatonic Valley Regional High School that a certain Department head has been telling teachers NOT to show up at the hearing today at 3 PM.  Three emails to Region One Report, and then a telephone call today on WHDD/Robinhoodradio that made the same claim. If true, why? If teachers want to show up and show support, or just watch the session it is their right..this is an OPEN PUBLIC session.

TODAY IS AN IMPORTANT DAY IN REGION ONE ( Steve Hurley’s hearing at 3 pm at HVRHS Room 133) Reply

Today is Steve Hurley’s hearing at 3 pm at HVRHS. It is imperative that as many people in the community attend as possible. There is force in numbers. The board will see how much support Mr Hurley has, as long as people attend the hearing. This is one way we can get things changed. Please consider attending and let your voice be heard.

“Agent Of The Board” Reply

So, at the end of the Region One Board Of Education meeting on June 4th I asked Phil Hart, Chair of the board, re: The Aeron Watson (Scott Fellows) letter, who was the attorney and who was the client in the attorney/client privilege claim made by the board and it’s attorney against Gale Toensing? I was told the client for the attorney was the board.

I then asked if because our superintendent was provided a copy of the letter from the attorney, did not that break the attorney/client privilege? I was told that our superintendent was an agent of the board. Well…if that is so, so is Gale Toensing being that she IS A BOARD MEMBER! So why was Gale denied access to the letter?  I guess I will ask that at the next board meeting.

Region One Board Of Education Meeting June 4 3

Well the Region One Board Of Education met tonight at H.V.R.H.S in the library. The full video will be posted on the CATV 6 YouTube  page by tomorrow morning, and on air on CATV 6 by tomorrow evening. We will post a link here on   by tomorrow as well. Some highlights of the meeting n a nutshell:

1) The bids for the heating work on the renovation project came in, only ONE bid! And, it’s about $20,000.00 over

2) There appears to be a SURPLUS in the Region One Budget this year (right now it’s estimated at around $230,000.00) but they are awaiting a final figure by the end of June

3) The cafeteria budget is about $15,000.00 short for the year, money is needed for the science/Tech building for furniture, etc,  as Scooter Tedder said at his first meeting many months ago, the microscopes  at Housatonic need to be replaced, some were in use when Scooter and I went to Housatonic in 1971!

4) The  region is still waiting to see the bids for the “roof” project

5) A redacted Aereon Watson (Scott Fellows) letter from the board attorney to the board was released to the board and public

6) Various other items on the agenda. It was great to see so many people there, and lots of folks from Cornwall showed up! And there were many statements and questions from the public to the board!

7) Gale Toensing put forward many motions, I think three were actually accepted by the board, and some existing policy motions were defeated!?

At the conclusion of the meeting, I suggested (and asked Sam Herrick if it was legal, he said it was) to take the surplus money (whatever amount) and put it towards the overrun for the heating system, to put it towards furniture and supplies for the science center, to purchase NEW microscopes as was a suggestion from  Scooter Tedder many months ago. If any is left over, add it to the contingency fund for the roofing project, or purchase more iPads for the high school.

I wanted to suggest that Scott Fellows (Aeron Watson) be brought before the board in executive session for questions on his possible violation of school rules regarding internet usage, but never got a chance to put it before the board…oh well, there is always next meeting!

Some interesting information in the passage of the Region One Budget on the second vote… 2

Yes, the budget passes. But there is a definite trend..a look at the number reveals quite a bit…

1) The budget passed  because two towns voted heavily in favor (Salisbury 172-91) (Kent 74-18)

2) In the four other towns, the budget was defeated 298-254

3) Cornwall (the home of Region One chair Phil Hart) the budget passed by only 15 votes…the closest in over 10 years…

So, we now have the beginnings of an active, informed, interested taxpayer base that will grow over the next year. Attend more meetings, vote , participate in the process….we can make a difference, and we can be heard!