The Times, They Are A Changing….. 1

It’s TRUE! Congrats to Asst Superintendent Pam Vogel..the block changes will not happen next year..and at last night meeting Pam also indicated that parents and teachers will be on committees that formulate a new plan as well!  There will be some changes, but not the 4 X 4 block. Well done Pam, thanks for taking the time to listen and communicate and react with the students, taxpayers, parent and grandparents in Region 1.  This is a new experience in Region 1, as over the past 8 years the public has been excluded and left in the dark more and more.  Now folks, lets get to work, volunteer to participate with teachers and the administration for the future of our region…..its a brave new world in Region 1…and yes it appears The Times They Are A Changing.

Region 1 board won’t talk about high school schedule Reply

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Region 1 board won’t talk about high school schedule


FALLS VILLAGE — Parents and students in the Region 1 community have many concerns about the proposal to implement a modified 4 x 4 block schedule at Housatonic Valley Regional High School next year and were planning to attend Monday’s meeting of the Region 1 Board of Education to talk about the issue. However, the board has determined it will not place the item on the agenda, thereby barring any discussion.

In a letter sent to parents on Thursday, board Chairwoman Andrea L. Downs said, “We are not doing this to stonewall any kind of discussion, but we feel that it would be premature for us to have this discussion at this time.”

Nearly 200 people came to a parents meeting on Feb. 23 to hear Assistant Superintendent Pamela Vogel (she becomes superintendent in July), Principal Jose Martinez and incoming Assistant Superintendent Lisa Carter explain how the semesters in 2017-18 will be divided into four 80-minute periods in contrast to the current eight periods. These longer periods would allow teachers to spend more time with students to work on subjects.