Mr. Steven Schibi has been selected to serve as the next Assistant Principal at Housatonic Valley Regional High School. Reply

After an extensive search and interview process, Mr. Steven Schibi has been selected to serve as the next Assistant Principal at Housatonic Valley Regional High School. More than 25 candidates applied for the position. Four candidates were selected for interviews, which included teachers, central office administrators, parents, board members, and students. Steve Schibi is currently Dean of Students at Region 10 Schools at Lewis Mills High School and has been in this position since 2012. His responsibilities include monitoring student discipline, leading the Student Assistance Team and School Climate Team, leading PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) and serving as Class Advisor. Steve is from Burlington, where he lives with Suzanne, his wife of 24 years, and his two sons. Steve Schibi will begin his role at the beginning of the new school year on July 1, 2018. There will be a Meet and Greet this Wednesday, June 13 from 2:00-5:00 PM in the HVRHS Cafeteria. All students, staff, parents and community are invited to attend

Fire Pam Vogel and get our Region 1 Board under control while we still have time to avert a predictable colossal crash of the region 1

A decision to eliminate letter grades in schools is expected to be revised after one school district received backlash from the community.

Windsor Locks moved away from the traditional A’s, B’s, and C’s, and adopted a new grading method.

The letters had been replaced with numbers for the grading system.

Four is the highest and zero is the lowest.

Since there are still five performance levels, many might be asking themselves what’s the difference.

The biggest difference is that only 4’s and 3’s are considered passing grades.

Anything lower won’t get students to the next step, which can be frustrating and confusing for students who may have had some C’s sprinkled in their report cards in the past.

At a meeting on Thursday night, parents and students complained to the Board of Education about the system.

The board listen and voted to start revising it.

Housatonic End-of-Year Grading Information from HVRHS (Ian Strever) 1

End-of-Year Grading Information from HVRHS (Ian Strever)

Good morning, parents,

During PLP today, teachers will be reviewing end-of-the-year information about how grades of NYP will be handled if they are not resolved before June 21. Students will be receiving a paper copy of this document (attached below), as well as a form to help them outline the work they may need to do by the end of the year. This document was the work of our school’s Leadership Team, which has been meeting since the end of February to address some of the questions and feedback about our grading policy, especially the issue of deadlines. Please read this document carefully, as there are important implications for students. On May 29, we will be holding a Parent-Community Partnership Meeting to discuss several topics, including grading practices. If you have questions or feedback, please share them with us, and we will include them in our discussion that night, which will begin at 6 PM in Room 133.

With the end of year fast approaching it is important to take note of the following
procedures regarding grades of NYP:
● At the end of the school day on June 21st, all course grades of NYP will become final,with a value of 0 on a 4 point scale. A grade of NYP in any quarter will make the final grade in the class an NYP. No credit will be awarded for any course with an NYP.
● In order to give students an additional opportunity to demonstrate proficiency on
assessments, several days between now and the end of the year will be devoted to
providing reteaching and reassessment, operating as a “Super Flex” day.
● In some cases, the particular skill or standard measured on an assessment may have
been demonstrated on another assessment, possibly in a different course. In this
case, it is the student’s responsibility to work with their teacher to identify the skills or content standards addressed on the assignment in question, and what proficiency on that standard looks like. The student may then present other assessments to the teacher, and the teacher may​ accept these as substitutes. Students who believe this applies to them should submit the NYP Appeal Form to their classroom teacher for
● A student with a grade of NYP has three choices at the end of the school year:
1) Accept the grade of NYP for the course, with no credit earned for the course
(NYP will remain on the student transcript).
2) Participate in the HVRHS summer school.
3) Retake the course in a subsequent school year.
● The HVRHS summer school will take place over a ten-day period. Summer school is
an option only for students with an NYP in English, Health/PE, Math, Science and
Social Studies. A fee will be charged. The fee will be waived to students who can
demonstrate extenuating circumstances or financial hardship. Transportation to/from
Summer School is the responsibility of the student. Prior to enrolling in the summer
school, students will complete a contract with their teacher outlining what must be
achieved in order for the grade to be changed from NYP. The summer school will be
overseen by a certified teacher. Summer school credits from other schools will not be
accepted unless warranted by special circumstances, at the discretion of
● Please note: This plan is for this year only; the Leadership Team will continue to study our grading policy and make recommendations when appropriate

Filming going on now at Housatonic seniors 2

As of right now, today at this hour a private film maker is filming senior students at H.V.R.H.S. WITHOUT permission from parents. I re-state it is a PRIVATE film maker contracted by either CABE or H.V.R.H.S. filming senior students for a movie. Parents have NOT given this PRIVATE company permission to film and include their sons and daughters in this film. CALL the superintendents office and say you do NOT want your student in the film as you did not give permission to film and include your students in the film. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!