Official suggests Falls Village hire its own superintendent 1

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FALLS VILLAGE — Board of Finance member Louis G. Timolat is asking for transparency when it comes to the town’s share of paying the Region 1 superintendent. During a board meeting Monday, he said he would like a cost breakdown put on an information sheet for the budget town meeting next Tuesday.

Timolat floated the idea of the town looking at the concept of hiring its own parttime superintendent. He said he has heard of examples of systems the size of Falls Village paying between $20,000 and $24,000 for such a parttime position.

“We wouldn’t have the bureaucratic nightmare and we’d have someone to fight for us,” Timolat said. “We’d still be a part of Region 1, entitled to all its offerings.”

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The students in Region One don’t get a re-do. Their education process should not be a “work in process” as it has been described. There should not be flaws and unforeseen difficulties. Had a well thought out plan existed, the chaos we are all experiencing would not exist.
Here is an excerpt from the Board Chairman’s letter to the editor on April 25th.
“Will all of the flaws in the implementation of the new practices be fixed immediately? Probably not. Changes of this magnitude are only made with a few revisions and adaptations for previously unforeseen circumstances.” Really? And that’s OK???? It shouldn’t be.
Sign the petition today – ask for the system to be removed. Take the time to create a proper plan, gain support from the teachers and the parents – and create a system that best teaches our kids. The kids deserve a real education.
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Highly Irregular Practices For This Years Budget 1

The Region 1 Budget Timeline
April 5-Public hearing to present 18-19 budget, approved by the Region 1 BOE.
The community is alerted to a $491,000 excess in unused funds.
May 3-A new revised budget is announced. There is a $1 change in the 18-19 High School budget that is not reflected on the bottom line.

There are also funds added in the estimated revenue summary that are not reflected in the revenue detail for the 17-18 FY on all 3 sections(High School, Pupil Services and RSSC). 

Note that NEASC had a 0 on the budget line for 16-17 but $20,825 was spent that year. For what? $12,000 was budgeted in the 17-18 budget(they were at the school in March) but the estimated expense is now at $18981. Almost $40,000 for accreditation when they told us they budgeted high at $12,000. 

The pictures below show changes in the current 17-18 budget.

One is the changes from the 17-18 budget (dated 4/6/17) compared to the 17-18 column on the 18-19 proposed budget(dated 3/20/18) compared to the same column on the 18-19 revised budget(released to public on May 3).

The other is the changes in the Expected expenditures column for the current 17-18 budget to the Expected expenditures in the revised version. 

These are highly irregular practices in the real world. 
Please VOTE NO at the referendum on Tuesday, May 8!