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download The Region 1 Board of Education, after approving the 20182019 calendar Monday, realized the local school boards that comprise the region hadn’t seen it.
Falls Village representative Patricia A. Mechare noted after the vote that “maybe we should take a step back.” She said in the past the other boards looked at it and expressed any concerns or made suggestions before the Region 1 board took action.Superintendent Pamela Vogel acknowledged the administrators had seen it, but not the other board members. Vogel said in the past two years, the other boards haven’t voted on the calendar.Mechare said she wasn’t saying they should vote on it, “but I think as a courtesy they should get to look at it.”When Assistant Superintendent Lisa Carter said traditionally the Region 1 board approves it and then it goes back to the local boards for input, Mechare said: “That seems kind of backward to me.”Salisbury’s Jennifer Weigel agreed it needed to go back to the other boards. The proposal will be presented to all the other boards for recommendations.Because the Lee H. Kellogg board in Falls Village already met, Vogel will send the calendar to each board member and ask for opinions. If there are amendments to be made, the Region 1 board will make them at its February meeting.

Region One Grading Policy Is, Quite Frankly..Insane….. 3

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Parents are asking the Kent Board of Education to intervene and improve the school’s grading policy, claiming that changes implemented this year are detrimental to student learning.
Parent Melissa Woodin was one of several parents who attended the Jan. 10 meeting of the board. Others submitted letters to the board with similar concerns outlined. Woodin asked the board to consider her letter submitted. Grades from the first trimester at Kent Center School were posted before the holiday break and a number of parents believe there are problems.

The new grading system at the school specifies that there will be no zeroes given for academic grades, “work habits will not be included as part of academic grades;” “achievement grades will be based on summative assessments” and “retakes will be offered for summative assessments that do not meet standard (below 70 percent).” Parents report that there is not consistency among all the teachers in how this is being administered. Woodin’s letter states her concerns that the grading system “does not prepare them for public or private secondary school. This grading practice does not build or support homework or classroom skills,” she wrote. She also said it does not allow for different learning styles for students.

Teachers are not permitted to give Ds or Fs to students any longer. Instead, students may receive a “Not Yet Proficient” instead of a grade.The changes have shown an significant increase in the number of students earning honor roll status, according to Principal Florence Budge. “Our honor roll was more stringent,” Budge explained.

A Tree Won’t Grow In Falls Village 1

The Region 1 Board of Education will not plant a tree in honor of former Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain. During a meeting Monday, Cornwall member John Sanders said the Landscape and Arboretum Committee, which oversees the campus tree plantings, would rather not have any honorific trees because it would open the floodgates for approving all requests. The board voted last fall to plant a tree following a request from Phil Hart, a former Cornwall Board of Education representative. collegehumor.ef880dffcdf2d7a0519f61677b774642