With your NO vote we can send a vote of NO CONFIDENCE on Pam Vogel!
With your NO vote we can send a message of NO CONFIDENCE in the way the new grading system has been implemented!
With your NO vote we can send a message of NO CONFIDENCE on the new schedules
With your NO vote we can send a message to get rid of consent agendas which HIDE what is going on in Region One!
With you NO vote we can ask for cuts in the Central Office Budget and restore that money to EDUCATING our children!

Taxpayers can not afford to not vote NO on this budget at this time!!!

This budget vote is the last resort for public involvement in the educational future of students, teachers and taxpayers in Region One.

The Regional budget must be voted down. If (according to state law) that means cuts must be made, and a new budget presented, so be it! (Dollars are not the issue- leadership is.)

BUT we must make certain that future cuts are not directed at students. This budget already cuts teachers and includes savings in teacher health insurance. Yet the board proudly proclaims a “zero %” overall increase? Where are the increases then? More Central Office initiatives? It includes new positions in non certified technology expenditures, a bloated Central Office (What do all these high salaried positions produce?), what are our CABE expenditures? Please carefully look at this budget and ask questions. Questions about this budget abound. (Answers are few and far between.

The budget hearings were quietly pushed through much like the board’s CABE endorsed “consent agenda. NOW is the time to address all this with a NO VOTE!

Whelan must resign from this serious breach of board protocol over the letter to the editor of the Republican American 5

Mr. Whelan should resign or be stripped of his chairmanship of the Region One BOE.

There was NEVER any discussion on this matter at a Region One Board meeting so we must assumed that Mr. Whelan was writing as a private citizen as he cannot speak for the Board without their consent, and this matter would need to occur in a public meeting. There are no grounds for an executive session here. And Mr Whelan was identified in this letter as an official of Region One at the start of the letter by Pam Vogel.As for the Superintendent, her writing this type of letter to a newspaper is down right unprofessional.

Mr Whelan should resign or be censored, as this is a MAJOR breach of board ethics.

Thank you Mike Flint for the information.30705965_10216550762631407_8058249329023909888_n

Two Peas In A Pod Living In Fantasy Land..At Our Expense 5

Just read this letter from Pam Vogel and the Region One Board Chair! WE CALL BALONEY SAUCE!!!  The attacks, rumors and false information have been flowing like the Housatonic River from the administration since Pam Vogels arrival, not social media.  Take the fact that it appears that 21 students from Sharon Center School have chosen Private School over Region One! And It is NOT a small bunch of disgruntled parents, just take the number of students involved in the demonstration at Housatonic…just about 25% of the student population! And it is not just the grading system. It’s is the poor implementation of the grading system and new schedule, it is the lies coming from Pam Vogel, it is the fact that the Chair of the Region One Board is disconnected, and lost while trying to run a meeting..and he excludes public participation …he is woefully prepared (by the  way he was not elected but appointed) It is the fact that more and more of the boards are going to a consent agenda, basically, once again excluding the public..all at the behest of Pam Vogel. It is time for the local boards and Region One to open up their meetings to full agendas again, and it is time for Pam Vogel and the board to listen to taxpayers and students, and teachers! It is not just a disgruntled few, and she will find that out soon. This letter is a desperate attempt of a failed administration seeking to put her finger in the dike,  its only a matter of time. before the water consumers her in a flood of failure, and  at the same time, effects the education of our students.



Once again, in the executive session they had before the April R1 Board meeting, they interviewed Strever and came out to vote themselves as the principal search committee.

This link is to a clip from the Kent BOE from last night. Lisa Carter was there for Vogel. She is asked if the HVRHS Principal job had been posted. She answers by indicating that they will be interviewing Strever for the job this coming Wednesday at their special meeting and possibly hiring him ???????????

We are not sure why they have been making this such a dog and pony show, but they have.

Here it is … you judge for yourself. #absurdvogelregion1…/1sKlsh02e_Xgs61S0A72E0yZIE…/view…

Region 1 grading system called ‘despicable’ 1

Region 1 grading system called ‘despicable’



FALLS VILLAGE — A group of Region 1 parents and community members gathered Wednesday to vent their frustrations about the new grading system.

The system calls for allowing no student to fail, so those receiving a grade of 70 or below get a “not yet proficient,” or NYP, and must prove they understand the material before that mark can be raised. Students can do assignments continuously or retake tests to bring up that mark.

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