Lawrence Van Valkenburgh to Principal Harnett on Scott Fellows Reply

ImageFebruary 23, 2012


Dear Principal Harnett,


Here is a copy of the two pages I handed out at the ABC Board meeting last week.  I never got to present it to them – as in – ask my questions, because they shut me down.


You are Scott Fellows boss.  I want to know if what these pages suggest is true. Does he deny that he is the person typing and being interviewed as Falls Village resident Aeron Watson?


I want to know because this is the person who was so abusive in the media to our dedicated volunteer and Board Member Gale Toensing. 


What I do know is that you are the man who is our most senior manager at our High School.  Pat and Diane are not.  The person we all are waiting to hear from is you. You without them. If Scott is Aeron, then what you do next will tell Region One who you really are.  Are you here as the leader who sets the bar and shows the students that they are worthy of honest teachers and high expectations?  Will you be the one who finally pushes back and tells them to get out of your school the way Dr Fitz did at our CornwallSchool?


Maybe now you understand how important the Pingpank Report is – and you will have respect for those that showed the best of them and gave testimony.  Are you the man of quality and integrity enough so that we will not need another Pingpank report?


I have gotten so many lovely calls of thanks this week from men and women who are seeing the video of the ABC meeting and are so happy someone is speaking for Gale.  It should be you getting those calls – not me.


Are you and your teachers being censored?  This is one of those important moments.  Show us who you are.






Lawrence N Van Valkenburgh






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