REBECCA HURLBURT of Cornwall sends out mass emails with some half-truths and some scare tactics 3

REBECCA HURLBURT of Cornwall sends out mass emails taking liberty with the truth….see if you can spot the “mis-truths, and scare tactics in the email below

Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 9:51 AM
Subject: VOTE on 5/30!

On Thursday, May 30th, there will be a vote on the Region One school budget. I
strongly encourage you to vote YES to help pass this budget.

The Region One public schools, which encompass the six towns of Northwest
Connecticut, need your support. Your YES vote will allow the Principals, the
Teachers, the Central Office administration, and the volunteer School Board members to
do their important jobs and continue to work in a positive way to provide the
best education possible for the students of Region One.
Two of my three children attend Housatonic Valley Regional High School, and my third will be there in a year. My children are receiving a very strong education, with
experienced and dedicated teachers and administrators. I have a vested
interested in HVRHS. Please join me in supporting our high school by voting yes
for the Region One budget on Thursday, May 30th.
I have been a member of the Cornwall Board of Education for more than ten years,
serving as Board Chair for the past three years. During this period I
(and the other five members of our board) have worked very closely with Region One
Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain, and members of her team. Our work together
has been nothing but positive and constructive. I have seen first-hand
just how professional Patricia and her team are, and appreciate every day what
they do and how hard they work on behalf of the students in Region One.

Patricia Chamberlain and her administration have long received overwhelming support by
the majority of the members of the individual School Boards in the Region One district, as well as by the Region One Board, which acknowledge her leadership and dedication.

I am asking you to put your trust in the dedicated Board members whom you have
elected to represent you. At a recent Region One Board of Education Special meeting held
at the High School on May 20th, HVRHS Principal Matt Harnett and Business
Manager Sam Herrick, along with the Region One Board, listened carefully to
comments made at the meeting and reevaluated the budget. The budget you are
voting on this week is the budget that all of these hard-working leaders would
like to see passed.

Thank you, Becky Hurlburt


  1. It probably is true that the Boards of Education support Central Office but the public does not…and they are what matter the most.

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