The Sad Truth about 4 teaching positions cut and taxes from North Canaan…… 2

From a reader in North Canaan….

North Canaan taxes have gone up:
1 mill for property depreciation
1 mil for Region One High School.

So…even with the teachers gone…yes people, the taxes still went up.
Check your pay checks and see if that goes up enough to cover it.

It’s a simple truth…even with 4 teaching positions cut, and another not filled, that’s almost
10% of the Housatonic teaching staff…the cost per student stays the same! Check it out… there
is plenty of “slush”, “hidden agenda”, and wasteful overspending that is still included. Get rid of
that, cut the administrative costs, and watch that per pupil cost drop. But with this Region
One Board, and the current A.B.C. you won’t see that happen unless we back them into a corner
and keep defeating the budget. Now is the time for teachers, students and their parents, and taxpayers to regain control
of an administrative system that is out of control. wake-up