Here is a copy of Jonathan Moore’s email using “scare” tactics to try and get support for a budget proposal ignoring the public input once again. Reply

In a message dated 6/18/2013 10:54:49 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

FYI, I hope you will all find this budget satisfactory. I also hope you will all support it because it is responsible and

failing to do so may start impacting the students…who this is supposed to be about.

Feel free to email or call me with any questions.moore2

It’s A Question Of Numbers….RE: Lawsuit against the superintendent Reply

At the last board meeting, after being questioned by Marylin Yerkes, Region One representative of Sharon, about the cost of the lawsuit against the superintendent, business manager Sam Herrick said the district only owed a $5,000.00 deductible…

Our questions are as follows:

When we interviewed Ms. Page’s lawyer, he stated that two of the charges are against the superintendent and two are personal charges against Pat Chamberlain. ( You can listen to the interview here ). So (1) is the superintendent paying half of that? (2) Does the superintendent have her own lawyer for the two personal charges? (3) Why has the Region One Board Of Education not demanded, that the region be financially responsible for only the charges against the superintendent against her in the capacity of REgion One employee, and let Patricia hire her own lawyer to defend herself against the two personal charges?

These are questions that need to be pursued quickly by this board. Taxpayers should NOT be on the “hook” for a personal defense of the superintendent, period.IMG_0863law

Editorial in this weeks Lakeville Journal…buy it, distribute it, let people see it! Reply

Here is this weeks editorial in The Lakeville Journal….everyone in the school district should buy the paper, read the editorial, tell your friends and neighbors to buy it, then save it for November, bring it out, and vote for change!

But before November, be sure and vote NO Tuesday June 25, let’s get the biggest voter turn out yet so the administration, The Regional Board of Education, the A.B.C., and the local boards know we mean business. And let Irene Hurlburt in Cornwall know, the responsibility for the cost of the additional two votes on the budget rests on the shoulders of a board of education that will NOT listen to the public, and keeps trying to “RAM” their vision of a budget down taxpayers throats.

Click on the picture, and then click again to enlarge to make it easier to read….


Jonathan Moore (Board Chair) of Kent Now resorts To SCARE TACTICS 4 has learned that Jonathan Moore (Board Chair) of Kent sent copies of the budget to Kent officials and said that if the budget doesn’t pass this time it will start affecting kids. THIS IS A SCARE TACTIC of the WORST kind. Business Manager of Region One, Sam Herrick has said repeatedly that the Region One School District will use the previous years budget if no new budget is approved. The system will continue to operate20130529_175353 as it did the year before. Pass the word, scare tactics will not work.