This was forewarded to me from the CCN…a great read as to the depth of problems in our region 4

In his note to CCN on May 30, Gordon Ridgway expressed his pleasure with Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain in the search for a new CCS Principal. His “pleasure with the new principal search” completely omits the disastrous previous principal – Mr. Vaughan. Mr. Vaughan who was recommended by – wait for it: Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain and Becky Hurlburt. What he omits is that the mostly smart search committee – Dave Dolinsky, Nick Givitovsky (rest his soul), Susan Romeo (formerly Vanicky), Bonnie Burdick, and others never even considered Robert Vaughan as a serious candidate.

The almost unanimous choice to succeed our beloved Dr. Fitz as new CCS Principal was Maryann Buchanan. Yes, Maryann Buchanan, a highly respected educator could have been our next Principal but Becky Hurlburt and Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain overruled the committee. Mr. Vaughan had something that was important to Pat and Becky. He had no fight and would do as told. Principal Vaughan admitted to me directly that Patricia Chamberlain made him sign the falsified evaluation of one of the the best teachers in the Region. Patricia used our money to pay Attorney Meuser to rewrite Mr. Vaughan’s positive review into something negative and slippery.

Principal Vaughan was clear that jealousy of the teacher by Becky and another townswoman was the reason for the attack or as he put it, “witch hunt.” Why me? Because I sat in on the actual evaluation as a witness. During it – I popped the door open very quickly and part-time art teacher Diane Dupuis fell into the office. Gordon – if you are going to recall your enjoyment of the principal search – please do not be so casual about your omission. Failing to achieve the hire of Maryann Buchanan – who was even Dr. Fitz’s choice – was a big loss.

I am voting “No” again because as in the first two referendums – the issue is not five or ten thousand one way or another. The generosity of the Region 1 voters for providing the best for all the students is again – pure unselfish magic. I so admire the people here, including our weekend community, who without question push their assets toward these amazing kids, teachers, and staff. “No” and “No and “No” proves our commitment to eliminating the weak, disingenuous, unprofessional, bullying Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. “NO” Region One Board Chairman Jonathan Moore – you may not continue ignoring the majority of voters and burying the major issue of opening those contracts. I question the validity of Superintendent Chamberlain’s contract – with raises and term extensions – that she negotiated while concealing significant pending litigation while also failing to inform all members of the Region One Board of the same. Voting “No” is the moment where the voter gets to speak.

Lawrence Van Valkenburgh

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