The Vote Is Coming, The Vote Is Coming!!!! Monday Board Of Education Meetings in Salisbury, Sharon, and the A.B.C in Falls Village!!!! Reply


Well, after a long period of silence (hoping the budget will pass), the A.B.C. Committee will grace us with a meeting at 6 PM MONDAY (that’s right June 10), with an executive session planned on administrative contracts. Please, show up and pack the room to let them know we are serious. They have no item for public comment on their agenda (why would they want that!!??)..

On the same day at 7:30 in the evening, the Salisbury Board of Education is holding a special public meeting in the Salisbury Central School Cafeteria with a Region One Budget presentation by Sam Herrick, and that big private school supporter Matt Harnett.

Now, couple that with a Sharon Center School Board of Education meeting Monday at 6:30 in the Sharon Center School Library, and you might, just might, think the A.B.C. does not want people from Sharon or Salisbury at their meeting!

Of all the meetings to got to, please…lets pack the All Board Chairman’s Meeting to let them know we are serious about the administrations contracts.