Some “facts” about the Superintendents “concessions” 5

1) The money does not come out of the budget

2) It is still counted as her salary, and goes towards building her retirement package

3) Was it one or two years of a  her raise

4) If the administration has formed a union, why does not the Assistant do the same thing

5) If we can talk about the Superintendents salary when she is involved in a law suit, why can’t we talk about

the Assistants salary while she is involved in a law suit?

6) It is pretty obvious that the Superintendent has lost control, and we now have a “rouge” Assistant

7) It was not so much a “concession”, but more of a “bribe”, or “inducement”, or “payback” to voters to approve the budget

lets let the state elections commission figure this out

Sec. 9-364a. (Formerly Sec. 9-344). Acts prohibited in elections, primaries, referenda, caucuses and conventions. Penalties.

Any person who influences or attempts to influence by force or threat the vote, or by force, threat, bribery or corrupt means, the speech, of any person in a primary, caucus, referendum convention or election; or wilfully and fraudulently suppresses or destroys any vote or ballot properly given or cast or, in counting such votes or ballots, wilfully miscounts or misrepresents the number thereof; and any presiding or other officer of a primary, caucus or convention who wilfully announces the result of a ballot or vote of such primary, caucus or convention, untruly and wrongfully, shall be guilty of a class C felony.