Captain Chaos rules in Region One!!! 17

Wrap you mind around the following:

1) Two Principals resign just weeks before the start of a school year 2 times in three years

2) The Athletic Director resigns this year one month before the school year

3) The teachers that were laid off, and rehired in the region this summer all resigned from their positions this summer

4) A technology person in Region One, who just received a big pay raise resigns two weeks before the start of school

5) The Superintendent is being sued by her executive secretary for battery and freedom of speech violations

6) The Assistant Superintendent is suing a Region One Board of Education member for doing her job

7) It took four budget votes for the board of education to finally see it was not about money, but then they  cut the iPads from

the budget anyway (again, but who is counting?)

8) The Assistant Superintendent goes “rogue” and will not join with the Superintendent in cutting the  final year

off her new contract, and donate  it back to a program for the students at the high school

9) There is no leadership on the board, there is no leadership in the administration, and now there is no leadership in place at the highest level

at the high school

As the old question used to say…..”Is this anyway to run a railroad?”


Our children, our parents, our grandparents, our brothers, our sisters, and our teachers deserve better.

Do you really want to endorse this activity with a yes vote this coming Tuesday? IS this behavior really going to be rewarded with a yes vote? Really?