Terry Cowgill Gets It Wrong Again….and again…and again…. 5

A reader passed this along to me…Terry Cowgill gets it wrong again! Here is another misinformed Cowgill “tweet”….

Region 1 budget fails for the 5th time. Boring! Keep holding these votes at town halls. At $8k a pop, they’re fun monthly social gatherings.

— Terry Cowgill (@terrycowgill) August 21, 2013

Terry at $8,000 a pop that totals $40,000.00, the budge has been cut over $250,000 dollars…still a SAVINGS of over $210,000!!! But Terry never was good at math! terryc

Attention Kent…Mr. Moore MUST GO..NOW! 5

Mr. Moore of Kent must resign or be replaced by the Kent Board Of Education. Why? Here is Mr. Moore’s comment after last nights vote to The Republican-American…

“A budget is supposed to be a statement about educational priorities,” said board Chairman Jonathan Moore of Kent. “Apparently, the Region 1 voters believe that political agendas are more important than education. It’s a shame.”


This budget will go NOWHERE with comments made like this It is not the public that does not understand what is going on, this points out how out-of-contact the board chair is with reality.20130529_175353