• Before he was hired, at housatonic last year as a Special Education teacher at $82,000 a year, the Superintendent of Region 1 said he was working in Canton, but we could NOT find him listed in the directory there….

  1. He was the highest paid and nobody could figure out what he did besides being a friend of Mr. Gross who also recruited him.

  2. Hopefully, Laura Freud who assumed the chair, in Moore’s absence tonight corrected the agenda to make that the appointment the INTERIM assistant principal. From what I understand Mr. O’Reilly substituted in the Canton school system for the 2011-2012 school year after abruptly resigning as the principal of East Windsor HS two weeks before the graduation in June of 2011. Then he was hired here for the 2012-2013 school year at the approximately $82,000 as a Special Ed teacher. My understanding is that he had not been in a Special Ed classroom since at least 2007 as he was assistant principal in Sommers, I think, from 2007 until 2009 when he went to East Windsor HS. Not sure if that was his first administrative position or if there were others before 2007. In any event it’s difficult to imagine that there wasn’t a qualified candidate, maybe even more qualified for this special education position with more recent experience in special education and at a lower rate of pay.

  3. I say again, they ALL need to be replaced. And I need to say what I posted on July 17 did come true, she was called on the carpet and grilled about what I posted on Region 1 Report.

  4. Another apple plucked from the Central Office barrel. When the time comes to hire a new principal for the high school, it is imperative that the process be transparent and that the final decision rests not with those who would simply take care of their cronies.

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