How inclusive is the A.B.C.committee? The answer..they don’t want your opinions or thoughts that how inclusive they are. 1

best-way-to-be-useful-stay-out-of-the-wayThe A.B.C. Committee Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 17 at 7:30 at Sharon Center School.  Yes, that is referendum day, yes it is hard for the public to attend after working and voting,  yes it is hard for the media to attend as they have to cover the referendum, and if you notice on the “Agenda”…there is no public comment ANYWHERE! Now, they do conveniently hae a “roundtable” discussion for themselves! But why let the taxpayers speak? Why let the taxpayers comment? Lets just keep our little “advisory committee separate and aloof from the taxpayers who might want to comment. They should be ashamed of themselves for first, holding the meeting on referendum day ,and second, not allowing public comment.

please click link below for agenda