Some more “gems” from the Region One A.B.C., the Region One Chair, and the superintendent….Lets hurry up and re-decide what has been law in the Region for over 70 years… 1

Some more “gems” from the Region ion A.B.C., the Region One Chair, and the superintendent….

From this Mornings Republican-American

The All Board Chairmen Committee of Region 1 will get a legal opinion on its roles and re­sponsibilities and how they relate to the Region 1 Board of Education.

When it was suggested a review of the series be put off until a new board is seat­ed after the November elec­tion, Brian D. Bartram, chairman of the Salisbury Central School Board of Ed­ucation, said that no matter what the makeup of the board, an attorney’s opinion should be obtained. (We agree with this, a full, thorough review)

Chamberlain said the issue should be resolved be­fore the election so the duties are clearly spelled out. “I think to wait is frankly foolish.” ( Rush to judgement Pat, how could you ever work with an independent board)

Jonathan Moore of Kent, chairman of the Region 1 board, said he agreed that a legal opinion is necessary “on where we stand now. It is prudent so the boards have something concrete in­stead of just guessing.” He also said he firmly believed the board’s attorney, and not an outside inde­pendent counsel, should be retained for the process. “I wouldn’t have the region’s attorney beholden to an opinion from another attorney.” (this is a STATE STATUTE, we should get an opinion from outside the region reconfirming the statute that applies not only to Region One, BUT ALL REGIONS in the state)

Chamberlain said com­ing to a determination could take months, or even years. “It’s been used as one of the battlegrounds in the budget, which is ridiculous. I think we have to trust our attorney, whatever he says.” ( Trust  “our” attorney”…..I think Pat means “her” attorney ( the “boards” attorney has been Pat’s all along, not representing the board in full, but representing the Central Office)law