We could not have said it any better..a letter to the editor of the Republican-American on Saturday Reply


I was surprised and disappointed by the Sept. 12 editorial “Real enemy is apathy,” concerning the Region 1 School District budget. The Republi­can- American seemed to endorse Board of Education Chairman Jonathan Moore’s strategy of trying to divide and conquer by suggesting there is a group of voters who have been voting no and another group comprised of parents who, if they voted, would have voted yes.

The issue in the five referendums has not been the budget but rather the fact the board and some adminis­trators have not been doing a proper job. Neither has been willing to listen to parents, taxpayers and students who have expressed concerns re­garding these matters. That leaves the place that democracy provides for voices to be heard by those un­willing to listen: the voting booth.

Voter turnout could be better in most elections, but to suggest we are not performing our civic duty be­cause the budget hasn’t passed is wrong. Would we be performing this duty if we passed the budget and thereby gave approval to the poor job of educating students? I think not.

When I was chairman of the state Board of Education, I could almost always count on the Republican-American to be an advocate for stu­dents. The newspaper can do better than this editorial.

Craig Toensing

Falls Village 

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