Assistant Superintendent is back effective today (September 24) 3

Region One Report has received unofficial reports that the Assistant Superintendent is back on the job effective today (September 24). Other than an appearance in Hartford in the legal action against the Superintendent back in the end of the first week of September, the Assistant Superintendent has not been at work. One would hazard a guess it was probably a medical leave, but medical information, quite frankly, is none of our business unless released by that individual.


  1. Fact of the matter is that with an extended absence such as this, there is no excuse for the full Region #1 Board of Education not being informed of such absence. No details of any type are necessary to give the Board, but members should have known that the assistant superintendent was unable to be on the job for this period of time. Further, given the mandates for Common Core and other evaluative mandates that the public had been repeatedly told are under the purview of the assistant superintendent, the superintendent should have given the Region #1 Board of Education and probably the local boards, as well, an update as to how those duties were being handled in the assistant superintendent’s
    absence. This is especially critical given that many elementary schools and possibly the high school have a half day tomorrow for teacher training on some of these mandates. For this information not to be disseminated once again gives the public and board of education members, too, the impression that something is being hidden away from public view.

    Patricia Allyn Mechare

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