Board Of Ed Meeting Thursday (tomorrow) 6 PM 1

Attend this meeting it will be a long one but there is an executive session planned, and it’s our feeling here on Region One Report that the board will try a quick one and try to “settle” the frivolous law suit against board member Gale Toensing. Lets show up and voice our opinion. NO! There are only two meetings left for this board and then a new board will be seated, this dysfunctional board should not tie he hands of a new board with a foolish, expensive proposal that will be forced on the new board and taxpayers. And let them know that the 2007 series should also be left to set up meetings with the A.B.C and the NEW board starting in December….

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  1. I’m very concerned about two items on the agenda and other people should be as concerned as well. The item regarding the 7000 series and the item regarding the Goncalves vs Toensing issue are those that concern me. It’s a waste of money to hire a lawyer to review the 7000 series. Everything is in order and according to the statutes as this series is reviewed by an attorney any time a change or modification has been made and Patricia Chamberlain admitted that at the last ABC Committee meeting in Sharon. Chamberlain wants changes made so that the Region One Board of Education is not in charge of shared services, including anything at all to do with her position. The way Region #1 was established is sensible and workable and has served us well since the inception of the school. Until the advent of this superintendent and her current assistant there were never any issues of this sort. The “concerns” about the 7000 series were manufactured and purported by the superintendent in order that she get her way. Go back and review the tapes of the meeting and watch how all of this evolved. No one should be surprised. The other item that bothers me is the executive session regarding the Goncalves vs Toensing litigation. This matter has been handed over to the insurance company’s attorney. I’m hearing that there has been no offered settlement through the legal process. Why is the Board discussing this, when apparently there is nothing to discuss? Something smells and the Board ought to be very careful about what they do when they are blindsided in that executive session!

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