A Clean Sweep, a breath of fresh air, the new Region One Board states loud and clear…”the status quo is no longer acceptable” Reply

Andrea L. Downs, new Falls Village Representative on the Region 1 school board, defeated incumbent Region 1 Chairman Jonathan Moore of Kent during Monday’s first meeting of the new board. Moore lost in a weighed vote of 73 to 27. Two other new members besides Downs took their seats Monday as  Jennifer Weigel of Salisbury and Edwin Gow of Canaan took their seats. Returning board members are Philip Hart of Cornwall and Marilyn Yerks of Sharon, along with Moore. Weigel, new representative from Salisbury, said she’d met with each board member before the meeting and after thinking long and hard decided to support Downs noting that both she and her townspeople were dissatisfied with the way the previous board operated and that it was time “to throw out old habits.” Yerks, returning to represent Sharon, reminded people that this is not the same board. “This board has never existed before. We need a fresh start and Andrea has the experience.” Moore also failed to get the nomination for vice chairman, which went to Weigel on a nomination by Downs. Yerks was elected secretary and Gow, treasurer. A video of the meeting will be posted on the Robin Hood Radio/CATV 6 YouTube page later today, and will be aired on CATV 6 beginning tonight.A more detailed report on the meeting will be posted later.

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