1. I do believe that with the leadership of the new chairman and vice chairman that this season of proposed spending plans has been incredibly smooth. The process was all inclusive. It was fortunate, I think, that there was an interim principal this year who took his responsibilities seriously and wasn’t applying for the job. This set of circumstances allowed for a “righting of the ship”, if you will. The interim was able to move forward by first collaborating with the teachers and staff and then working with the Board to come to reasonable conclusions that would allow for the top priority items to be funded to some extent and accepted because everyone had input. This allowed for the focus to get back to the teachers and the kids and the learning experience. Further, because the interim had no interest in the job he could press hard in doing the right thing fiscally and educationally keeping the ENTIRE Board in the loop and blunt inappropriate interference from some “central office” administrators.

    The Board should be acutely aware that there is still enormous dissatisfaction with the educational leadership of the superintendent and her assistant. If members fail to recognize these continued concerns and does not deal in an appropriate manner with this dissatisfaction and honestly assess their performance and its negative effects in the 2014-2015 fiscal year, everything gained this year will be lost.

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