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  1. Why wait till after the budget season (especially considering how long that can be)? This is the third complaint that I know of that has been brought against Brochu — the previous two involved allegations of conflict of interest and allegations of violations of professional ethics.
    The Region 1 Board of Education should immediately put out a Request for Proposals for a new attorney. Furthermore, it should explore the idea of hiring an attorney on an as-needed basis and rein in the superintendent’s free access to the attorney, which has resulted in huge over-expenditures in the budgeted legal fees for the past several years. Additionally, by allowing the superintendent unfettered access to the attorney, the attorney quickly learns where his billable hours come from and this results in the attorney acting more like the superintendent’s personal attorney than the board’s attorney. As for Brochu’s job performance, I point out that his legal skills did not protect the superintendent from being sued by an employee last year — which cost taxpayers almost $200,000.
    I rest my case.
    –Gale Courey Toensing

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