A.B.C Region One March 26 Reply

A.B.C Region One March 26

From The Republican-American March 31 (full story at http://republicanamerican.ct.newsmemory.com/?token=1308022181)

The 45 members who comprise the seven boards of education in Region 1 will meet on April 23 at 7 p.m. to hear a report from board attorney Gary Brochu about the region’s 7000 policy series that deals with governance.

Hosted by the All Board Chairmen Committee, which is an advisory committee to the Region 1 Board of Educa­tion, the meeting will allow all members to hear what Brochu told committee mem­bers earlier this month. At that time he provided recom­mendations dealing with the employment of the superin­tendent and the handling of shared services.

Brochu told them the statutes that formed the re­gion in 1939, and the special act of the Legislature in 1959 which set up shared services for special education, don’t comply with current prac­tices.

During an ABC committee meeting this past week, An­drea L. Downs, chairman of the Region 1 board, pointed out that the committee does not have a budget and there­fore cannot hire an attorney. Committee Chairwoman Electra Tortorella of Sharon said that last year the Region 1 board voted 4-2 to have the series studied by the attor­ney. She said the ABC com­mittee voted unanimously to take on the review.

“I wasn’t on the board then, but I attended meetings and don’t remember that,” Downs said.

“I don’t object, but I want to do the process properly. The Region 1 board has to ap­prove any funding.”

Tortorella said the Region 1 board’s minutes reflect the vote. Now the committee has to recommend to the school board to have Brochu come back on April 23.

Salisbury’s Claude Rolo asked if there are enough funds in the legal line of the budget to pay for Brochu’s visit. Downs said she believes there are.

The committee agreed to pass on the request to the Re­gion 1 board.

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