Where is the outrage? Reply

The past few years when I (Marshall Miles) actively spoke out and campaigned against the budget, and vocaly supported defeating the budget, the outrage against me daring to editorialize was deafening!

Complaints to the FCC

Complaints to NPR

Complaints to CPB

Being called “thugs”

Being called “The Angry Few”

And so on…..


This year, I (Marshall Miles) endorse the budget twice and guess what? Nothing! No complaints to the FCC, NPR, CPB…no being called a “thug”, or “the angry few”. I guess it is fine to endorse as long as it’s in agreement with the Administration, Phil Hart, Mr. Moore, etc, etc….

Let it be clear, my support for the new members on the board is strong. My belief that the current Region One Administrative team should go has not wavered. We are headed in the right path with the new board, lets see in a year if we have the “real change” we need.

Full results on tonight’s vote will be posted on Facebook and here on Region One Report.


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