From this mornings Republican-American: Kent finance board concerned BOE has not been attending crucial meetings 4

Kent finance board concerned

BOE has not been attending crucial meetings



KENT — The Board of Finance wants to hear more from the Board of Education and members have gotten tired of waiting for representatives to attend their meetings. Finance board member Edward Epstein has repeatedly expressed concern that no one representing the education board attends the monthly finance meeting.Finance member Mark Sebetic agreed that he’d like to hear from the Board of Education more than just once a year during the budget presentation. “We deserve to hear (from them) at least once a quarter,” Sebetic said. Epstein said he’s specifically concerned about the Region 1 funds this year.
“I think there are going to be implications in the Region 1 system,” he said, noting there has been talk about the assistant superintendent taking a “buy out” and if that happened the money would come from the regional budgets and that could reduce the money returned to the towns.
The Board of Finance agreed to request a copy of the monthly financial report from the Board of Education.

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  1. a buy out now that would be a positive move if there is no replacement and why not include the superintendent

    • Why pay almost $300,000 dollars now, when you can just let the contract expire and spend about #400,000?
      Same for the Super except the money is much higher… this point its a colossal waste of money

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