Surprise!…NOT 2

The Region 1 Search Committee, comprised of the Region 1 Board and the ABC Committee, has completed the first phase of the search process for the vacant administrative position in Central Office. Our consultant, Mary Broderick of CABE, has presented her results to the Search Committee in the form of a Leadership Profile. Based on the responses to nine focus groups and an online survey, the Search Committee has decided to post the position as an Assistant Superintendent. The Leadership Profile and the data behind it will be posted on the Region 1 website on Friday, February  06. The website can be found at this location:



  1. This announcement is most disturbing because this entity is a COMMTTEE of the Regional School District #1 Board of Education and has no authority to act! What is it that Mr. Moore and others don’t understand about the word “COMMITTEE”? The Board of Education, as far as I know, has not met to approve the recommendations of Ms Broderick and until they do this press release has no meaning or authority and is at best an attempt to usurp the governance of the Regional School District #1 Board of Education!

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