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After some telephone calls and a few emails the other day, Region One Reprt posted this item on our pages:

Another principal might be going? Reply

Region One Report has information from sources within Housatonic that the high school is about to possibly lose another principal! We am in the process of tracking down conformation on that story that came to me yesterday from within the high school. Anyone who has confidential info on this can email:

This is our email to the superintendent and her response:

Marshall Miles <>

to Patricia

A couple of emails and three calls came in over the past few days sayng your principal at HVRHS is leaving. Can you please confirm or clear this up for me…


Patricia Chamberlain

to me
No he has not resigned and continues to be committed to our students. Had this been the case we would have informed our board.


  1. Notice how carefully the superintendent has worded her response. She didn’t really address your question. She didn’t tell you that he wasn’t planning on resigning, only that he hadn’t resigned. Further, her track record of informing the Board immediately about things of this nature has often been delayed. There have been times when important pieces of information are learned by the Board from places other than the superintendent!

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