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  1. Looks like one of the positions is to replace “Hoot” Belter, although starting now to fill that position seems to be far behind the “eight ball”, since he announced his retirement in January or February – had to notice the superintendent before February 1st or forfeit his severance pay, if he was eligible. Believe it or not there have been some teachers who have been many more then the 20 years in his/her district, which is the year mark to be eligible for the severance, but noticed after the February 1st date and have been denied that benefit – all who have worked well over twenty years in his/her district! Yet we happily give the superintendent that benefit when it didn’t previously exist in her contract and she hasn’t met the 20 year mark in Regional School District #1 – go figure! And in ADDITION she has a 403B retirement annuity that will have at the end of next school year over $112,000 that the taxpayers have contributed for her retirement! The other position does seem to be a new one and if that is the case I don’t remember that this “new” position was discussed at the hearing. Perhaps it was, but I don’t remember that discussion among the five or six community members who showed up for the presentation.

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