Region 1 board makes no apology for ‘offensive’ video Reply

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Region 1 board makes no apology for ‘offensive’ video



FALLS VILLAGE — Region 1 Board of Education members said they don’t believe an apology is necessary for a video they made to explain the Lighthouse Project to teachers, who found the presentation “offensive.”

On the first day of the new school year for the region’s teachers in August, thevideo featured each board member taking a turn to explain the project, a joint effort between the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education and the state Department of Education that seeks to explore how school boards affect student achievement.

During the video, the board members said they  were seeking help from everyone, including teachers, administrators and the community, to improve the school system.

They said they recognized there is some apathy toward students, and that some may not believe all children can learn.

Jonathan Moore (CABE Award Winner, how sick is that? !!!!), Kent’s representative on the Region 1 Board of Education, said at Monday’s meeting that he was asked by the teachers’ union — the Kent Center School Education Association — to share the letter it had written to the Kent Board of Education. That letter, which was read at Thursday’s local school board meeting, asked the Region 1 board for an apology.

The letter said the Region 1 board members stated in the video their belief that the teachers were “not committed to helping each student reach his/her full potential.

In addition, we were told that we have not made a concerted effort to recognize that all children can learn.

The tone of this presentation was quite offensive, and left us feeling concerned about the Region 1 board’s complete misunderstanding of our dedicated efforts to provide a solid and well rounded education for each of our students.”

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