Who’s on First? Reply

Has ALL communication stopped in the administration of Region One?! Three weeks of confusing information from the Region One Board Of Education, Region One Administrators, the administration of the high school. Then, if that was not enough….at Monday’s Region One BOE meeting, during the budget discussion, ANOTHER SHOE WAS DROPPED AT THE LAST MINUTE…. it was announced that there will be an EXTRA $40k added, above what was originally budgeted for an incoming special Ed teacher, because going for a PHD. On top of that, another 38k EXTRA added for consultants to aid in NEASC preparation. The board claims to have had no prior knowledge of those additions, which total around $80,000.00 extra at the last minute to the budget..A scheduled hearing on the budget is set for THURSDAY NIGHT at H.V.R.H.S. at 7:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend and receive copies of the proposed budget. Taxpayers should be incensed,this coming just THREE DAYS Before the budget hearing…very little time for taxpayers to consume all the information. This all would be fine if our administrators names were Abbott and Costello…

Direct from the top at Housy …”teachers not involved at this point” at H.V.R.H.S. scheduling….U.F.B. 3

An excerpt from todays Republican-American story….

A select group of parents who met with school officials last week to give their comments and recommendations learned that the scheduling pattern for next year is still undecided. The parents group is expected to meet again tonight to continue discussions.

Martinez ( HousatonicPrincipal Jose Martinez) confirmed Monday that the question of which model will be used is still unsettled. He said this process is different from what he has seen in other schools.

“Every change of schedule I’ve been in … or visited has started with a team of teachers. Parents and students are brought in along the way. This is different. There is not as much involvement by the teachers in its development.”

He also believes the process has been a bit rushed and would benefit from another year of study.

Martinez said a leadership team of department heads and other faculty members is in place. The representatives from the schools who came to speak said leadership teams were part of the scheduling process. At Housatonic, “the teachers are not directly involved right now,” he said.