Teacher will not be replaced Sharon Center School eyes cost reductions BY RUTH EPSTEIN REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN Reply

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SHARON — Sharon Center School will save on salaries next year by not replacing eighth-grade reading and writing teacher Monica Connor, who is retiring.

Next year the school will have 20 teaching positions, one in-house substitute and one counselor. The staff reduction will also help reduce the costs of benefits including health insurance and reimbursement for graduate credits.

The line for substitute teachers will increase from $32,365 to $35,100 because Region 1 is increasing the daily pay from $90 to $100. The appropriation for the board clerk will also increase from $37,091 to $41,144 when the position expands from 0.65 to 0.7 full-time equivalent and receives a 3 percent raise.

Building repairs are expected to increase from $76,004 to $88,179, or 16.02 percent. This includes routine maintenance costs as well as $15,350 to carpet the library and computer room and $43,825 to replace the phone, public address and clock systems.

Lower market costs are expected to lead to savings of $9,425 for fuel oil and $6,565 for diesel fuel.

However, the line item for noninstructional equipment will more than double, from $24,360 to $50,024, as the school plans to buy risers for the stage, speakers for the gym, library bookcases, 60 student desks and 40 student chairs.

The Board of Finance briefly discussed the school budget at a recent meeting and agreed that in general it was a good budget, although some had concerns.

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